Assuring safety during
the Covid19 crisis

We are taking every safety precaution and following strict CDC and state guidelines to keep you and your family safe during the epidemic

  •  Governor Polis has extended the mandate to wear a mask in public places.  We encourage you to wear your mask when entering and exiting the building as well as when you are interacting with others.

  • Seating 6 feet apart for families of no more than 10 people

  •  Face coverings optional

  •  Handshakes, hugs, or other forms of physical contact optional

  •  Over 65 and those with underlying health conditions can optionally sit in a separate room

  •  Those who are sick, sneezing, or coughing are asked to stay home until these conditions have ended

  •  Hand sanitizer, masks, and wipes will be provided if needed

  •  Those using restrooms can wipe down touched surfaces before exiting restrooms