Letter From The Pastor

Hello Friend,


Thanks for stopping by our website today.  I assume the reason you stopped is because you are looking for a church.  With so many types of churches to choose from, looking for a church can be time consuming, so I’ll get right to the point.  Have you asked yourself what you are looking for in a church?  Have you considered what God wants you to look for in a church?

Biblically speaking, a church should be a place to truly worship God.  Many churches today believe the messages are to be entertaining and positive, with little biblical content, or some biblical content removed from its original context.  The prophet Amos said that God would send a famine in the land of Israel, not a famine of bread or water but of the hearing of the words of Lord.  It seems that there is a famine in America of the hearing of the words of the Lord in our pulpits.

At Springs Bible Church, our focus is on God in our worship.  When you come visit our church, you will truly be lifted into the presence of God with our God-centered music, prayer, and messages.  We believe it’s the church’s calling from the Lord Jesus Christ to mature God’s people in the God-centered worship, as we strive to clearly and accurately teach the Scriptures week after week. We are proud to be a service based church, and we welcome those who want to serve and grow with us.

My prayer is that you will consider visiting Springs Bible Church this Sunday and join our family in truly worshiping our Great God and Savior in spirit and truth.


In Christ’s loving service,

Al Albano, Pastor